Finding peace and mindfulness in our own back garden.

Finding peace and mindfulness in our own back garden.

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 22 January 2021 | Home & Garden

Our new Home and Garden editor – Nina Motylinski, shares her advice for using the garden as a place to strengthen our mental wellbeing and find some inner peace and mindfulness…

Nina’s 1o Top Tips for Garden Peace & Mindfulness:


1. Have a Wander

Even in winter, get out and have a wander around the garden , especially if there’s a bit of sunshine . It takes you away from the chaos of life for a moment or two , grounds you and you can keep an eye on any changes . A bulb sprouting here and there gives hope spring is on the way!

2. Attract Wildlife

Try and incorporate as many plants as possible that attract the wildlife . Aside from sustaining our eco systems and producing natural resources, it’s great fun to spot , identify and learn species of visitors . A few recommendations are ‘Dwarf Buddleia’ , Lavenders, Echinacea and Hebes.

3. Grow your own

Nothing more satisfying or delicious than growing your own produce! Even the smallest gardens can be host to many fruit or veg from potatoes in bags to berries in pots! Admire the beauty of each plant and the simplicity of a raindrop on a fruit . Great for mindfulness!


4. Get children involved

A family hobby can be a great way to spend quality time together and create a love of the outdoors . Children will have much more of an interest in the preparation and eating if they have been part of the journey .


 5. Cook with your produce

It always tastes better than anything you can buy in a shop . Black currant pie is a favourite and you can replace the black currants with any soft fruit you choose .

 6. Fill your garden with colour

Vita Sackville-West May have delighted in her ‘white garden ‘ at Sissinghurst but a pop of colour on a grey day will lift even the lowest of spirits . Pack in as much as possible . Depending on the season , Tulips, Pansies, Everlasting Begonias , cyclamen and Coleus are an economic way to always brighten your day .


7. Incorporate water wherever you can

The sound of it trickling Is incredibly soothing and according to Feng Shui , as water flows it symbolises wealth coming in and attracts ‘Chi’ the invisible life force . Water features don’t need to be elaborate, a small pump and an urn or even a solar fountain floating in a dish can be effective.


8. Invest in lighting
Just because it’s night time it doesn’t mean your garden goes to sleep . Adding a few inexpensive fairy or solar lights creates a magical ambiance that means you can enjoy your space way past the evening !
9. Make your own preserves
A great way to feel a sense of achievement and provide great gifts for friends or family is to make your own jams and preserves . The ‘country core ‘ trend and return to homemade basics during this pandemic is embraced with a great bubbling vat of Jam! Jams, chutneys or pickles can be made out of almost anything you’ve grown but one of our favourites is ‘Apple , Plum and cinnamon ‘ perfect for Toast !
10.  make the time to relax and enjoy your space 
Last of all , really sit out when you can , absorb the vitamin D. Read, meditate , plan and dream . Literally take time to smell the roses . Gardens are meant to be enjoyed not simply worked at . Put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea , you deserve it!
‘When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy , there is always the garden‘ – Minnie Aumònier .

Written By: Nina Motylinski| Home & Garden Editor

Instagram:  @pottering_with_nina_and_jon


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