Wimbledon Lockdown

Wimbledon Lockdown

12 June 2020
Lady W On Sky News 10 June 2020

With the government scrambling for ideas on how to get all children back to school in September. Sky News ask ex-teacher Sandra Strachan if she would consider returning to the...

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14 May 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 14/5/20

“Oh do you know the Muffin Man? He only came to life two weeks ago when he found a tonne of muffin mix on his doorstep. He phoned his friends...

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13 May 2020
Posted by Lady Wimbledon
Lady W On Sky News 5 May 2020

As the founder of Parent Education Consultancy, Lady Wimbledon and her daughter were invited on to Sky News to discuss if schools should reopen in June amidst the Coronavirus outbreak in...

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7 May 2020
Lady Wimbledon’s Article in The Resident: 3/5/20

“Week by week and day by day our home learning routines seem to slip and slide. Every family is in a different situation and thus sadly, there is no even...

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1 May 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 30/4/20

“There is a growing revolution happening in Merton and it is spreading fast. Infiltrating our pubs and spreading across to Kingston and Wandsworth, there is a flourishing army of superhumans...

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20 April 2020
Save Deen City Farm and Riding School

SW19's beloved Deen City Farm and riding school has closed due to the unfortunate spread of Covid-19. Since the farm relies on visitors for their income, they are in desperate...

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17 April 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 16/4/20

“I am sure I am not the only one grateful to wake up to sunshine piercing through the curtains after another strange night's sleep. With those awaking with grief in...

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17 April 2020
Celebrating Ramadan and Eid in Lockdown

With Ramadan round the corner starting on 24th April, the Muslim community of SW19 will be experiencing it quite differently this year. Family and friends that would usually spend time...

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3 April 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 2/4/20

“On Friday 20th March at 5pm, restaurants and pubs were told to close their premises by midnight. Although expected, the lack of time they were given sent shock waves around...

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