Celebrating Ramadan and Eid in Lockdown

Celebrating Ramadan and Eid in Lockdown

With Ramadan round the corner starting on 24th April, the Muslim community of SW19 will be experiencing it quite differently this year. Family and friends that would usually spend time together to break fast and celebrate Eid that follows this 30 day period might find it challenging, but our editors are here to provide you with a guide on how to get through what is meant to be a joyous and peaceful occasion.

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Getting Through Your Day

Fasting can be tricky, and it is even harder when you’re faced with nothing to get you through the day. Time feels slower when you’re not out and about at work, going out with friends or spending time with family. Since we are limited with such luxuries during lockdown, try not to think about hunger and instead drive yourself to do what you would do outside, inside!

Turn your home into your very own office and focus on work. Find new hobbies you can do in your spare time and start the things you say you always want to do but never get round to! Before you know it, it’ll be time to break fast.

Credit: Chanikarn Thongsupa

Prayer & Worship: What To Do?

Many people turn to spirituality and religious practices, maybe more so during Ramadan. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, mosques are now closed to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Whilst this may be difficult for those who find solace in these places of worship, just remember that this is only temporary and for a greater cause. There are many videos on YouTube available that can guide you through the five daily prayers as well as Friday prayers, so you can practice at home.

Credit: Chanikarn Thongsupa

Celebrating Eid

Most importantly, make sure you’re still following the rules during lockdown, especially on Eid. Social gatherings are highly discouraged, and so whilst it may be tempting to go and visit friends or family in other homes during the biggest Islamic celebration of the year, just remember that you will be putting other people at risk. It is crucial that we all respect government guidelines during this time and that we act as a community.

‘Nadiya’s Family Favourites’ by Nadia Hussain | Amazon: £9.99 | Credit: NadiyaHussain.com

Instead, prepare a wonderful feast for your family on the day and hop on FaceTime or Skype to wish your loved ones a happy Eid. We will all be reunited soon enough. If you find yourself running out of ideas for meal times each day as well as on Eid, take a look at British Muslim TV chef Nadiya Hussain‘s brilliant recipe book, ‘Nadiya’s Family Favourites’. There are plenty of recipes perfect for Ramadan dinners.

Remember to make sure you’re staying healthy and safe during this time. Eid will be a glimmer of hope for everyone and show that life will get back to normal soon enough. We should turn lockdown into as much of a positive experience as possible.

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