Find your Inner Zen at Hot Yoga Wimbledon

Find your Inner Zen at Hot Yoga Wimbledon

Posted by Shelly Palmer | 7 September 2016 | Health & Fitness

As we enjoy the rest of the amazing British summer time in the village we wanted to check in with our spiritual side and see what the village had to offer.

As a personal trainer and dance teacher I am more at home at a street jazz class, dance works or pineapple studios, so I was excited to get the chance to embrace the slower, more relaxed side of the fitness industry in the village.

So where is the best place to go? I headed to the Hot Yoga Wimbledon studios hidden behind the station at the end of Elm Grove. Tucked away in the corner at the end of this green leafy road is this amazing, calm and tranquil space – as you walk in there is a sense of calm.


At the juice bar I ordered a drink before my sessions so it would be ready and waiting after my classes. I chose the detoxing greens juice.

I had booked the Yin yoga session with the guided mediation after.

Yin yoga focuses on deep, passive stretches, which focus on the lower body and the relaxation of the mind. The postures are focused on the hips, pelvis and lower back. They are all held for 3-5 minutes. Mats and blocks are available for use and there is enough space for all participants.

The owner and teacher Raj has a very natural style, with a calming voice which made me relax instantly. I am a yoga beginner and he came over and guided me.

I found some of the positions very challenging as I have lordosis (excessive curvature of the lower spine) but I focused on my own body position and how my body felt in each position. I was concentrated on my own journey. It took me away from everything else in the world. My mind was completely absorbed in what I was doing. The silence and the music were soothing.


After my first session I took part in the guided meditation.

I started by getting into a comfortable position. With the tranquil sounds of the music and the teachers voice I drifted easily into a calm mental space. By the time the music was turned off I had nearly fallen asleep. This half an hour session of guided meditation is composed of ten minutes connecting with the breath and the body, ten minutes of guided meditation and the final ten minutes sitting in silence.

After my session I felt completely relaxed. I had a quick shower and then enjoyed my amazing green juice drink. I was ready for my day with a completely fresh mind. Crazy…but I think I will be checking in with my mind and getting my ‘om’ on again very soon. It is good for the soul.

We are very lucky to have this studio nestled in the heart of our village.


To find out more about this tranquil space check out:

Written by Shelly Palmer, Personal Trainer at Fabulicious Fitness.
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