Look and Feel Fresh During the Christmas Party Season

Look and Feel Fresh During the Christmas Party Season

Posted by Bhavash Padhiar | 12 December 2016 | Health & Fitness

It’s that time of year. So many parties, so many invites and you just HAVE to be seen at all of them. Enjoy it while it lasts as come the New Year the only things to look forward to are scary credit card bills and a dog eared Valentine’s day card on from creepy Kenneth in accounts.


Lady Wimbledon out and about this Christmas.

You need to look fresh and feel your best for each event. You don’t want to miss any opportunities or hear the gossip, but all the prosecco, canapes and late nights are going to affect your skin and liver. You don’t want to turn up to work, looking and acting like Herman Munster. Fear not, that’s where I come in!

Just 2 words for you – Hydration and protection –These are your health buddies this season. Are you following the one glass of water for every alcoholic drink rule?


Alcohol removes precious water from your body leaving your skin itchy and uncomfortable in the morning with acne breakouts and, what I like to call, drinkles. These are the morning after wrinkles and saggy skin caused by dehydration from alcohol most noticeable around the eyes, cheeks and forehead.  Don’t forget to use a serum and moisturiser after removing any makeup before you go to bed. I suggest a combination of Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Serum followed by Super Rich Repair or Environ’s Focus Hydrating Serum with super moisturiser on top. Re-apply the moisturiser in the morning to get your skin ready for the day. The vitamin serums will keep your skin looking healthy and firm.


Dehydration is also the main reason for the dreaded hangover. The combination of loss of electrolytes in your body with the harmful effects of chemicals build up from your cells processing the alcohol equals the sore head, achy muscles, break out skin and general malaise. Did I mention the water and alcohol rule? Some re-hydration salts with copious amounts of water will help address that and get you functioning properly again.


Your liver and kidneys will be working overtime, and depending on how much you consume, they may not keep up with all those tequila shots either. Plenty of water again… Do you get the theme here? Milk thistle is a good herbal remedy for cleansing the liver so it’s worth having some on standby for the next day. Vitabiotics Liverel Tablets are a very well balanced combination of multivitamin, mineral and botanicals to keep your liver in as best health as it could be.

So remember to drink lots of water alongside alcoholic beverages, use a good re-hydrating and fortifying moisturiser, take supplements to give your liver a cleansing boost, try to get some decent sleep and most importantly, don’t drink alcohol to excess.

After all you don’t want to wake up in the morning with creepy Kenneth do you!

Our health blogger, Bhavash Padhiar is the founder of Amara Spa, a day spa and leading skincare centre in Fulham, London.

Visit: amaraspa.co.uk 
Follow: @AmaraSpa 

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