The Pilates Clinic

The Pilates Clinic

Posted by Kathleen Gianturco ‘Eyes of Lady Wimbledon’ | 9 December 2016 | Health & Fitness

Pilates is my new obsession. This workout is so much more than your average gym session. Pilates is the art of controlled body movements to increase flexibility, strength, body endurance and control. The Pilates Clinic located in Wimbledon offers a ‘strategic approach to better health’ and that’s exactly what I gained from participating in just one class.


Not ever having done Pilates, I came in with a very open mind, but never expected to leave the session wanting to bring a Pilates reformer into my home. The Pilates reformer is a machine that is typically more intense and dynamic than using a Pilates mat. It is made up of springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys, all used to test the body’s strength against itself.

After adjusting the pulleys and ropes on my reformer, we began practicing each exercise at a pace that challenged the body mentally and physically. Each exercise required a great amount of mental concentration so that the movement remained slow and controlled, which then challenged the body physically. This was mind over matter.


Pilates is something I have never tried before and after just one class, I want more and more. It was such a great combination of challenging your mind and body, which I found helped me perfect my form and increase my endurance. Overall the Pilates Clinic really tested my body’s strength against itself.

By our Health and Fitness Blogger, Kathleen Gianturco

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