Self-Care Made Easier With A Self-Care Box

Self-Care Made Easier With A Self-Care Box

Posted by Flora Firth | 24 February 2018 | Health & Fitness, Magazine

Want to take better care of yourself but find it somehow slipping to the bottom of your to do list? According to a study carried out by health insurer Bupa, almost half of us describe ourselves as stressed, so fitting in some me time is more important than ever.

Self-care boxes aim to help boost your mood, encourage healthy habits and ensure you take some time out for you. A new wave of self-care subscription boxes help you do this, or you may choose to create your own box with items to suit your needs. These boxes can be filled with items to improve your self-care time; cosy socks for when you curl up with a good book, luxe bath salts for an at-home pampering session, puzzles for a lengthy hospital stay. Self-care can be made easier with a self-care box.

Self-Care Is Vital To Our Mental Wellbeing

Self-care produces positive feelings. It is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, sometimes called self-love. So when you stop doing the things that make you feel physically and mentally well, you can decrease your levels of confidence and self-esteem.

Self Care Package Feel-Good Flora

Sometimes It All Feels Too Much

You may be familiar with the scenario: life is okay until ‘something’ happens… work becomes overwhelming, a loved one gets ill, there are problems in a relationship or we just have lots on and life suddenly feels too much.

We then tell ourselves we can’t do it all; something will have to go.

When the hours in the day feel shorter, usually the first thing we drop is something inessential, that won’t entail letting others down: going to the gym, taking a lunch break, cooking something new, reading a book. The little things that make us feel good get dropped.

By the end of the week we’re a little more tired, and our mood dips too. We’ve chosen not to do the things that we enjoy and that make us happy. We’ve not given ourselves time to self-care.

Inside The Self Care Package

Spend More Time Doing Less, Take A Break With A Self-Care Box

Self-care boxes can help you make time for you. They’re beautifully packaged parcels filled with carefully selected items. Cosy socks, herbal teas, indulgent body butters, hand-held massagers, handcrafted notebooks and scented bath oils are what you may find inside.

Be Kind, Gift To Others

Did you know that one of the scientifically proven actions for happier living is to do things for others? Gifting thoughtful gestures can energise and comfort someone. Self-care boxes are about wanting to make someone’s day just that little bit brighter. Send your love with a self-care box and show “I’m thinking of you”.

Create Your Own Care Package Or Buy One Ready-Made

You can choose from ready-made self-care boxes by different companies, or you can handpick your own box tailored to your needs from a range of thoughtful, practical and comforting gifts designed to support someone dealing with an illness, facing a challenge, going through a difficult time or simply to brighten someones day.

Ideas Of What To Include In Your Homemade Care Package

  • Cosy socks
  • Bath salts, bath foam, bath oil
  • A bar of 70%+ cocoa solids bar of chocolate
  • Herbal tea bags
  • Handmade mug
  • Pens, paper, pencils
  • Adult colouring book, puzzle book, playing cards etc
  • Hot water bottle
  • Bunch of flowers
  • Candle
  • Lip balm, hand cream,
  • Ingredients to bake biscuits
  • Embroidery kit
  • Healing crystal
  • Chakra charm bracelet

I Was In For A Treat When I Received My Care Package

I loved receiving a self-care package on my doorstep. The beautifully wrapped gifts that were chosen with me in mind brought happiness and love to me on a rainy day in February. These items encouraged me to take the time to self-care, and after a soak in the bath with rosemary and eucalyptus salts followed by a big mug of berry tea wearing my super soft socks, I felt happier with myself and more relaxed with my life. I’d highly recommend sending on a box to someone, or treating yourself to one.

Self Care Package Feel-Good Flora

The photographs feature a care package from The Boost Box Company.

Self Care Package Feel-Good Flora

Written by Flora Firth

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Flora Firth
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