Wilton Tennis Club: Kids’ Summer Tennis Camp

Wilton Tennis Club: Kids’ Summer Tennis Camp

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 August 2019 | Health & Fitness, What's On, Wimbledon Kids

With the Wimbledon Championships now over, post tennis blues have sadly hit SW19! Many young children felt inspired whilst watching the men’s finals, watching in anticipation from Centre Court or from the telly at the intense rally between the two opponents, as their eyes gleamed at the golden trophy Djokovic proudly held into the air. 

Get your little ones involved in the sport loved by so many and help them brush up their skills at the annual Summer Tennis Camp at Wilton Tennis Club. Click here to make a booking.

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Marc Beckles, the Head Coach at Wilton Tennis Club tells us why tennis is such a great sport for children to learn this summer:

Why should kids play tennis?

Tennis is a great sport on so many levels. Obviously there is general fitness with movement around the court and it is a multi co-ordination sport. It is a very technical game which will require good listening skills, discipline and determination to improve. We find once most kids visit Wilton for one tennis session, they always want to come back for more.

What makes Wilton a good place for a child to start their tennis? 

Wilton is a relatively small but popular tennis club. It offers a family friendly and relaxed atmosphere whilst offering great coaching. it is a place where your kids can make friends and feel comfortable whilst learning the game. The team of coaches are super friendly! A great way to try us out this summer is by attending one of our tennis camp sessions.

What does a typical day on tennis camp involve? 

We start the day by splitting the older and younger groups up and then kick off with a big team tennis game. After this we then split the groups up further into age/ability appropriate groups. The day is all about playing as much tennis as possible. For the younger players aged 5 and 6, we get creative by inventing fun games based around hitting shots with great balance and technique. We try to incorporate as many play based competition and fun games into our day.

Credit: WiltonTennisClub.co.uk

What is the youngest that kids can play tennis at camp? 

For players that are 3 years old and up to reception age, we have a Tot’s session daily 8:30-9:30am. Tots play with bigger sized balls and smaller rackets. The emphasis on these sessions is body awareness, control and having fun. You would be surprised at how good some of our Tot’s Forehands and Backhands are! When players are in Year 1, they can join us at our main camp!

What if we can’t do the whole week of the holiday camp? 

Our tennis camps are completely flexible. You can book for a whole week, multiple days, singular days or just half days. Incorporate the camps into your busy summer holiday schedules whenever it’s convenient for you.

Do you accept childcare vouchers? 

Yes. we are OFSTED registered, so we can accept childcare vouchers. I believe this to be a tremendous help to our parents as it makes it cheaper for their kids to play tennis and really helps them our during the long summer break!

Credit: WiltonTennisClub.co.uk

For more information, visit Wilton Tennis Club and book your child’s place here.

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