Top Outdoor Yoga Classes in and Around Wimbledon

Top Outdoor Yoga Classes in and Around Wimbledon

Yoga is a globally transformative practice known for restoring and strengthening our bodies physically as well as having the incredible ability to create peace and empower us mentally…

Learn to fully embrace nature and reconnect with yourself ready for National Yoga Month this September as we explore some of the best outdoor classes in and around Wimbledon.

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1. Dynamic Flow Yoga with Lorna Fisher

Local Yoga Teacher of 17 years Lorna Fisher offers a range of yoga classes for both kids and adults with an emphasis of fun and inclusivity. With lockdown easing, Lorna has offered pop-up outdoor yoga classes for all abilities. Classes can be physically demanding but always include relaxation and readings.

– Pop-up outdoor classes – Various Locations – Sundays –18.00/Alternating weekday mornings

“As a busy commercial lawyer Lorna’s yoga lessons were a highlight of my working week – leaving me energised and with a clearer mind to re-focus on matters at hand.  Highly recommended.” Gillian Razvi

Her schedule is being added to as we enter a new term, and you can contact her for her full range of classes at

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2. Vinyasa Yoga at MA&Y

MA&Y are the Yoga, Martial Arts and Krav Maga centre in South West London, offering an empowering and caring training environment for over half a decade. They currently offer two different outdoor classes:

-‘Yoga Active’ – Wimbledon Park – Wednesdays 18.00-19.00

-‘Yoga Gentle’ – Wimbledon Park – Wednesdays 19.00- 20.00

Our Vinyasa Yoga classes are full of joy and energy, and through thoughtful modifications for each posture, they are geared for both beginner and advanced practitioners alike. Based on a deep knowledge of anatomy, sequencing and yoga philosophy, the classes allow each yogi and yogini to discover their own inner journey of development at their own pace..

To enquire about classes you can visit:

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3. Yoga on the Common with Annette Wiik

Annette is a Yoga Academy Certified Teacher who has been practicing Hatha Yoga for over 20 years. She has a passion for yoga in sport and teaches mindfulness-based courses incorporating mindfulness meditation into all her yoga classes. She offers a ‘Yoga on the Common’ session on Wimbledon Common The class is a beginners and mixed level class with Drop-in classes available at just £10 a person. You can sign up online here.

-‘Yoga on the Common’ – Wimbledon Common – Sundays – 10.00-11.00

“Come and join me for outdoor yoga classes on Wimbledon Common – Sunshine, yoga together, fresh air – this is a powerful way to start your day…”

To find out more about all her available classes go to:

4. Al fresco sessions at MoreYoga

MoreYoga is a chain of Yoga classes located in various spots around London that pride themselves on affordable prices, experienced and passionate teachers and client focused sessions. A membership can be joined online from only £9.99 a month with various online classes offered. Local to Wimbledon, MoreYoga is offering a series of al fresco yoga sessions in both Wandsworth and Tulse Hill just a 15-20 minute drive away. Classes can be booked online or via the MoreYoga App.

-‘Outdoor Yoga’ – Tulse Hill/Ram Quarter – Various times

To view the full schedule visit:

Image Credit: Instagram @norayogauk

5. Park Yoga with Nora Draganova

Specialising in Hatha flow and Ashtanga yoga, Nora is a London-based yogi and massage therapist. She aims to make classes suitable for all levels of ability and works in her sessions to encourage growth on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She draws inspiration from numerous philosophical and spiritual disciplines. As well as offering weekly online classes, Nora is hosting numerous yoga events in various outdoor parks such as Bushy Park in Hampton Court. Her her next outdoor session in Battersea Park. The event costs £7.00 and can be booked online.

-‘Yoga in Battersea Park’ – Battersea Part – Sunday 30th August – 11.30-12.30

“The ultimate goal of yoga is a union between the mind, body and spirit. It’s an ongoing journey of self-discovery. It encourages awareness on a deeper level and a sense of balance both on and off your mat…”

For more information on her upcoming events visit:


This list of available classes should help give you lots of options to choose the perfect fit for you and your body, lifestyle and needs – so go out and perfect your inner ‘Warrior’ as you let the last of summer shine around you and prepare yourself for a more restorative start to September.

Written By: Hannah Ablett | Content Editor 

Facebook: @LadyWimbledon
Instagram: @EyesOfLadyWimbledon
Twitter: @EyesOfLadyW

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