Make your body a temple with these top food delivery services

Make your body a temple with these top food delivery services

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 October 2021 | Food & Drink, Health & Fitness

Health and fitness enthusiasts across the world put a huge emphasis on the importance of the correlation between consuming the right foods and seeing noticeable physical “gains” from exercise. Most fitness gurus preach that “abs are made in the kitchen” but in reality every single muscle in your body relies on you providing them with the correct foods and nutrients. Throughout this blog we will be exploring three online food companies that will help you make your body a temple.

Meat n bone

Meat n bone is an American butcher company that operates online and delivers internationally. They specialise in providing premium quality meat including beef, chicken, poultry, seafood and more. This company is ideal for anyone who is looking to gain weight “bulk” as they offer a variety of lean meats which generally contain plenty of protein which is essential for muscle growth and repair which is key for anyone who is aspiring to have a successful bulking season or could also just be used as an alternative to high street butchers and supermarkets.


Tatapela is an online food delivery service which prioritises in healthy vegan food. Vegan’s generally struggle to find bulking foods at a good price. The website bolsters two catagories “veggie bites” and “fruit bites.” The website offers amazing deals on bulk orders which is perfect if you’re looking to add snacking into your daily eating routine. The companies products also serve as a great alternative to the typical unhealthy snacks that high street retailers commonly sell. So if you’re looking to simply become a healthier person Tatapela is the place for you.


Graze is an immensely popular snacking company created in the United Kingdom. They send their products through post and possess a large variety of food (meat and vegetarian) along with protein based snacks meaning they cater to both Vegans and meat eaters. In my opinion Graze is the number one online snacking brand to aid in your general health and wellbeing as well as providing high quality meats for those who intend to gain muscle mass. I believe that anyone looking to add healthy nutrient-rich food should seriously check out Graze.

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