Fitness, Innovation, Technology at F.I.T. Partnership

Fitness, Innovation, Technology at F.I.T. Partnership

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 17 September 2020 | Health & Fitness, What's On

With an innovative concept, the F.I.T. Partnership thrives on health optimisation, efficiency and longevity.

The F.I.T. Partnership is a unique Health and Wellness Studio based in the heart of Wimbledon town centre. Using some futuristic technologies, they offer cold therapy for a variety of body benefits.

What is Cold Therapy?


During whole-body cryotherapy, your body is subjected to extreme cold (less than -150°F). This intense chill induces several health-promoting physiological changes in the body. It also promotes a significant decrease in inflammation. Cryotherapy is excellent for pain, body composition, immune health, recovery, energy, and increases Deep and REM sleep.

The F.I.T. Partnership

Credit: The F.I.T Partnership


Vasper is based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, cooling and interval training. When all principles are working together, the results are extraordinary.

Compression and cooling create the effect of a high intensity (anaerobic) exercise without the time, effort, and muscle damage it takes to achieve the same results with conventional exercise. Instead of feeling tired and sore, Vasper leaves you energised and rejuvenated, alleviating your body aches and pains.

Credit: The F.I.T. Partnership

Launch Information:

From the 28th of September 2020 till the 3rd of October 2020, the F.I.T. Partnership will be hosting a series of soft launches at the Studio for their new Cryo Chamber unveiling. With a reduced promotional price of £25.00 to take part in your own Cold Therapy Session, it’s a steal. This includes one full session in the machine, a goodie bag and a branded kit.

What are you waiting for? Choose a day and join the family.

28th September – 3pm – 7pm
29th September – 3pm – 7pm
30th September – 3pm – 7pm
3rd October – 3pm – 7pm

You can book your ticket here .

The F.I.T Partnership

Credit: The F.I.T. Partnership

Address: 2 Worple Road Mews, Wimbledon, SW19 4DB

Phone number: 07792 426 371

Facebook: @thefitpartnership
Instagram: @thefitpartnership

Written By: Jessica Cesana | Content Editor 

Facebook: @LadyWimbledon
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