Barrecore Fitness at Sweaty Betty

Barrecore Fitness at Sweaty Betty

Posted by Shelly Palmer | 23 August 2016 | Health & Fitness

Barrecore is a fitness concept that has been sweeping the UK and it’s becoming increasingly popular with celebrities such as Madonna, Denise Richards and Mick Jagger. This workout claims to lift the butt, sculpt the arms and flatten the abs. They had me at butt!

In Wimbledon, you can take Barrecore classes at the Sweaty Betty shop. This little boutique shop is a haven of amazing sports apparel, with the added benefit of a downstairs studio. Sweaty Betty is situated at the top of Wimbledon Village by the common. The combination of studio and clothing is a great concept, although it can be dangerous as I found myself walking out with a top, two bags and some hair bands.

Sweaty Betty essentials

Sweaty Betty essentials

So what is Barrecore? This class incorporates the high intensity fat burning format of HIIT interval training with static stretches. This involves a series of demanding moves for set time periods of twenty seconds. It combines strength, endurance and flexibility. It has defiantly taken Barre well and truly into the noughties. The session lasted sixty minutes and it was strenuous. The technique uses the body’s own resistance in conjunction with weight bands and balls to give you that long and lean dancer’s physique.

Full house - Barrecore class at Sweaty Betty Wimbledon

Full house – Barrecore class at Sweaty Betty Wimbledon

I pushed myself hard and ached after the session. However, I love this, as I like to feel the after effects of a work out.

If you are looking to tone and dream of having a dancer’s body, then this is a workout that should be on your list to try.

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Written by Shelly Palmer, Personal Trainer at Fabulicious Fitness.
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