Interview With Lisa Lamberti, Founder of The Pilates Clinic

Interview With Lisa Lamberti, Founder of The Pilates Clinic

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 16 January 2020 | Arts & Culture, Health & Fitness

Lady Wimbledon Editor interviews Lisa Lamberti, the founder of The Pilates Clinic, Wimbledon.

Pilates has become one of the most popular forms of exercise. From the famously super-fit Hollywood stars who credit it as the the secret to their firm bodies, to Olympic athletes for whom it is an essential part of the training regime. Regulars in the Pilates studio credit it with transforming their bodies, improving core strength, balance, posture and flexibility. And, it is one of the best exercises for preventing a bad back.

There are many things to love about Pilates, but the one thing Lisa and her team of instructors at The Pilates Clinic love the most is its ability to teach people about their bodies. “So often we move without thinking, but Pilates gives us the time, the space and the tools to learn to move intelligently and thoughtfully.”

Editor: When did you first discover Pilates?

Lisa Lamberti: In 1999, my mother watched an Oprah show where the topic was Pilates and she told me all about it. I did some research, found a course and got started! I’ve been teaching Pilates for 20 years now.

Editor: What is Pilates? And, why is it so popular?

Lisa Lamberti: Pilates in its original form is a system/sequence of very challenging athletic exercises designed to strengthen the body as a whole. As a system it works on all the muscles and their functions, and all ranges of motion of joints. It is a powerful form of exercise that Joseph Pilates felt passionately would improve the world and its health if everyone did it, Men, women and children.

In more modern times, it is still possible to do Pilates in this highly athletic form, but it is also possible to break down the elements and use them in a rehabilitative capacity and in a way that teaches people how to be intelligent about how they move and use their body. It is popular because it is intelligent, and this resonates as sound practice for people. Our bodies just tell us it feels right. Also, Pilates has been used as a tool in physio rehab for decades now.

Editor: What gave you the idea to start your own Pilates studio?

Lisa Lamberti: Coming from a long line of Entrepreneurs, and having done a degree in business, I always wanted to start a business. I had a new passion for teaching Pilates and decided to make that my business and open a studio.

Editor: How many times do you need to do Pilates to see results?

Lisa Lamberti: The answer to this depends on how much exercise your body has done before, what level of fitness you start at and what injuries you might have, if any. Joseph Pilates said “It takes 10 sessions to feel a difference, 20 sessions to see a difference, and 30 sessions to have a completely transformed body.” Well, this is not going to apply to everyone, because it depends on some personal factors too, but it can be used as a guide.

Editor: What are the health benefits of Pilates?

Lisa Lamberti: Pilates builds deep postural strength and works to improve overall joint range of motion and stability. Having a stronger and better posture not only gives our organs a more spacious place in which to optimise their function, but also mechanically puts us in a better position to move without risk of injury.

Editor: What does Pilates help with?

Lisa Lamberti: Pilates helps with strengthening postural muscles as well as bigger movement muscles. It requires an element of precision to feel it deeply enough, so it trains concentration, balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination etc. It is a very empowering thing for people.

Editor: How often should you do Pilates?

Lisa Lamberti: Realistically, most people can only fit in once a week, which is great. Three times a week however, is optimum, although not possible for most people.

Editor: How do busy people fit Pilates into their every day life?

Lisa Lamberti: When you schedule something regular in your diary then you will make it a fixture and schedule other things around it. This is the only way.

Editor: What is the best way to started with Pilates?

Lisa Lamberti: For beginners the best way to start is with Private sessions. We have a team of truly talented teachers. We highly recommend each one and encourage each client to try as many teachers as they can in order to challenge their learning in different ways.

Please feel free to email any questions you might have or call us on 07961495297 for more information. We also have an online booking option here.

Thank you, Lisa.


The Pilates Clinic, in Wimbledon, was founded by Lisa Lamberti in 2012. Lisa and her highly qualified team of BASI trained Pilates instructors welcome all types of clients and offer classes/sessions to suit all levels of rehabilitation or body conditioning. The state of the art Pilates studio offers group Reformer Pilates Classes aimed at those who already have a base level understanding of Pilates and who are looking for something a little more challenging, with a cardio-vascular element to the sessions. The Pilates Clinic also offers Semi-Private Pilates Sessions which mirror the structure of a private session but you share the instructor with one other person; Private One-On-One Pilates Sessions which address your personal needs; and Mat Classes which are multilevel and challenging. For beginners, there is a Beginner Group class for those that prefer the group option.

Studio Address: Ronian Works, Elm Grove, SW19 4HE
Facebook: @ThePilatesClinic
Instagram: @ThePilatesClinic
Twitter: @ThePilatesClnic
Contact: Lisa Lamberti on or 07961495297

Written By: Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | Editor

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