Ride to the Beat At David Lloyd Clubs

Ride to the Beat At David Lloyd Clubs

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 26 September 2019 | Health & Fitness

Motivate mind and body with the newly launched Rhythm cycle class at David Lloyd Raynes Park.

Feel The Rhythm CYCLE CLASS

The newly introduced Rhythm class works your body and your mind with inspiring playlists and highly motivating instructors – creating an immersive workout that tunes your muscles and unlocks your emotions.

In each class, you’ll be engulfed in a journey while you ride to the beat – with the consistent, rhythmic movement of the pedals providing an almost meditative state. The high energy classes are set to uplifting music and the intensity on the bike is adapted to make it more difficult, so there’s a lot of scope for a varied and challenging class enabling you to work harder for further improvement.

On arrival to the 45-minute Rhythm class, participants are welcomed in to the dimly lit studio with pumping and upbeat music to find their bike, where the instructor will help them in clipping in their shoes. The ride incorporates a mixture of climbing out of the saddle along with seated flat roads, with an upper body weight track that uses dumbbells, all along to tracks that encourage you to connect with your mind while you work to the rhythm.

Sharing this experience with your fellow riders will make you feel inspired to work harder, feel stronger and leave ready to conquer the day ahead!

‘Cycling has the benefit of increasing cardiovascular fitness. It works the legs, core and arms, so it’s a real all-rounder. The endorphins you will feel after a Rhythm class will last all day. But it isn’t just the physical element of cycling that make it such a good workout, it helps to focus the mind and alleviates stress.’
Michelle Dand, Head of Fitness Product and Programming at David Lloyd Clubs

Best For: If getting lost in music and feeling empowered is something you’re looking for, David Lloyd Clubs’ revolutionary new indoor cycle class, Rhythm, is the one for you.
Class Times: Launching at David Lloyd Raynes Park on the weekend of 13th – 15th September. Class times include peak and off peak times and weekends.
More Information:
Click here to find out more.

Battle Through The Ultimate OUTDOOR WORKOUT

For all those craving an endorphin boost in an outdoor setting, David Lloyd Clubs’ new workout Battlebox is where to find it.

This new workout with four challenging options inspires partakers to get closer to nature and take advantage of the best natural source of vitamin D – the outdoors – as it combines high intensity fitness training, teamwork, and fresh air for an invigorating workout.

Suitable for getting everyone of all abilities, ages and levels of fitness out of an indoors setting, expert instructors guide you through any of the four choices of workout:

Athletic helps develop speed, strength, power, coordination and cardio fitness with an athletically inspired fitness challenge.

Warrior is a total body workout which gets you lifting, carrying, crawling and climbing in an ultimate outdoor obstacle course test.

Strong is a high intensity CrossFit-style class that helps build muscle strength and sees you lifting heavy weights across varying distances, pushing sleds and taking on but ramping up exercises often completed in the gym.

‘Here at David Lloyd Clubs, we’re always looking for new ways to inspire our members and get them moving. With the summer in full swing, taking advantage of the longer days and warmer climates along with a workout that allows you to breathe in fresh air seemed like the right thing to do. The class being available in four options means that there is a workout fit for everyone, from those wanting to take on an obstacle challenge to those who want a fun session of exercise for the whole family.’
– Michelle Dand, Head of Fitness Product and Programming at David Lloyd Clubs

Best For: Those who want to include the whole family in improving teamwork, speed, agility, balance and movement.
Class Times: Launching at David Lloyd Raynes Park on the weekend of 13th – 15th September. Class times include peak and off peak times and weekends. Battlebox is only available at David Lloyd Raynes Park in this area.
More Information: Click here to find out more.

Speak to your local David Lloyd Club to find out more.

Website: DavidLloyd.co.uk
Facebook: @DavidLloydClubsUK
Twitter: @DavidLloydUK

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