Refuel Your Fitness Motivation With Beattitude

Refuel Your Fitness Motivation With Beattitude

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 10 September 2020 | Health & Fitness

You’ve heard about HIIT workouts, but have you heard about Metabolic Training? Beattitude, a ladies only boutique fitness club in Earlsfield, tells us more. Refuel your motivation and join their fitness challenge

If you don’t know us, we’re Beattitude, London’s first women’s only boutique fitness club and we offer both metabolic training and HIIT classes, along with Core, Mobility and Yoga.

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Metabolic Training (MT) not only provides a highly efficient workout but also stimulates what’s known as the ‘afterburn’ effect. This is the rate at which your body burns calories after a workout and can stay elevated for up to 48 hours after your class. MT training is therefore a great way to help support weight loss as well as a tool to tone and strengthen the body.

Metabolic Training can be cardio or resistance based, or a mix of both. It’s different to HIIT training as MT involves performing high reps of compound (full body) exercises with very little rest between. It’s an intense style of training with the aim of keeping your heart rate up throughout to maximise muscle engagement. Of course, the weight and intensity can be tailored for those just starting out, and scaled up for those looking for more of a challenge. Expect to sweat (and likely feel slightly achy the day after) but the benefits to your health and fitness are worth it!

Many of you may have worked out at home over the past 5 months and may have tried a HIIT style workout. So, if you’re looking for something new to spark your motivation and regain some strength, tone and fitness then you should give Metabolic Training a go!

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Refuel your motivation and join Beattitude for their Fitness Challenge


When: Mon 14th Sept – Tues 13th Oct
What: Three workout options: Classes in our club (669 Garratt Lane), classes in Garratt Park and online classes taught via Zoom. Choose one option or mix and match!
How: Complete 20 classes in 30 days and gain entry into a prize draw to win an unlimited membership for the rest of the year.
Why: Refuel your motivation and feel fitter, healthier and stronger in just 30 days!
More Information: For more information on the challenge, visit the website:

The best way to join the challenge is to…

1) Purchase the 30 Day Tryout offer for £90, which gives you access to unlimited classes for 30 days.* Purchase 30 Day Tryout here >

2) Then you simply need to register to take part! Register here >

Once you’ve signed up, Beattitude will email you all of the information you need regarding how the challenge works.

*Enter the code LADYWIM5 at checkout to save £5 on the 30 Day Tryout, making it £85 (valid until 31/10/20).

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